Perfect Excavation & Demolition Pty LTD started in humble beginnings over 22 years ago. With a clear vision and a truck and bobcat, the company has now grown into a reputable and well-resourced civil contractor.  We are well known for our efficiency and quality work, and have partnered with a range of reputable builders and clients.


Collectively our team has over 50 years of experience with a range of qualifications and licences including building, business, and engineering. This wealth of knowledge has allowed us to offer our clients a high standard approach to Civil services with positive outcomes which is evident in our repeated clientele and longevity.


Our company is founded on strong work ethics and a commitment to safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. This is embodied in our company ethos We get the job done right.

Our Strength



Industry Compliance & Safety

Environmental Sustainability & Recycling

Our Commitment


Acting today to protect tomorrow


Civil construction has a direct impact on our environment, mainly due to the generation of waste material (including hazardous waste), vehicle and machinery emissions as well as noise and dust due to the use of heavy plant and equipment.


We support sustainable practice and adopt a range of measures that optimise the management of waste. Sustainability assessments and waste management plans play an integral role in our reduction of our environmental footprint and effects on our ecosystems. These are tailored and implemented to every job regardless of scale.

Where possible demolition waste is reused in other works to reduce environmental impact. We also utilise several recycling plants that allows us to recycle up to 95% of our building materials such as brick, steel, timber, sandstone, and roof tiles to minimise landfill deposits.

Only mixed and contaminated waste and ACM are disposed of. However, this is done at approved tipping yards and in a manner that is safe, responsible and satisfies the NSW SafeWork requirements.




Safety is everyone’s responsibility


The Civil industry is a heavily regulated one and is bound by many codes of practice. These codes and WH&S regulations underpin our company policy, processes, and implementation. We uphold our duty of care to ensure the safety and prevention of injury and risk to our employees, clients, environment, and the wider community.


All our employees foster a sense of responsibility towards ensuring the safety of themselves and others and are well informed on minimising the risk of injury and hazards by a range of methods including, participating in tool box meetings, understanding the SWMS, checking plant and equipment and having an awareness of and adherence to Perfect Excavation and Demolitions Pty Ltd policies and procedures.


We are never complacent and understand that there are always risks and hazards on every site, but we take a proactive approach to minimise and eliminate these by:

Identifying the hazards > Assessing the risks > Controlling the Risks > Reviewing our risk control measures


At Perfect Excavation & Demolition Pty Ltd, safety matters.



Our Performance Guarantee

Critical to any project's success is getting the job done safely on time and on budget. Perfect Excavation & Demolition pride themselves with a can do attitude.

Job Done Right